Pavel Durov told about the future of Telegram


Pavel Durov told about the future of Telegram

The co-founder and former CEO of the popular social network “VKontakte” gave an interview to the Bloomberg publication, during which he shared his plans for the telegram he created. Durov said that he repeatedly received proposals from companies from the Silicon Valley (names were not announced), who wanted to buy Telegram for 3-5 billion dollars. He refused them and assured the journalists that they were not going to sell the service even for a much larger amount.


“Even for 20 billion, it is not for sale. This is a lifetime guarantee, “Durov said.

When in 2014 Facebook bought WhatsApp for more than $ 20 billion, the company actually paid $ 40 for each user of the messenger.Based on these calculations, the value of Telegram with an audience of 180 million users is now estimated at 7.2 billion dollars.

Also, Paul explained why he decided to build a Telegram office in Dubai. According to him, the main reason was the absence of taxes.

“This is a matter of principle. Many Westerners do not understand how taxes limit their opportunities. You can pay almost half of your income in taxes, which basically means that you work for the government 180 days a year. I think I will be able to find better ways to spend the money that I earn for the benefit of society, “said the creator of Telegram.

During the conversation Durov said that in 2018, Telegram is waiting for big changes. He consid


ers the service as a charitable project, but already at the beginning of next year plans to start monetizing it. How exactly – Paul did not tell. But he noted that soon we will have another big announcement.

In addition, Pavel Durov told about his savings. For the sale of “VKontakte” he received about 300 million dollars. He also purchased 2,000 bitcoins at a rate of $ 750, which now total about $ 35 million. Durov is extremely positive about the crypto currency, calling bitcoin digital gold.

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