How to quickly transfer data from one smartphone to another

How to quickly transfer data from one smartphone to another

When buying a new smartphone, one of the main problems that a user faces is becoming a “move” from the old device. For some people, the loss of even a small part of the data seems catastrophic. However, now the data transfer has become much simpler and is done literally in a couple of clicks, without synchronization with cloud storage or connection with a computer. We talk about how to do this on several examples.

Moving from iOS to Android

Most likely, to switch from “iPhone” the user will be on a modern smartphone on Android, which is equipped with a built-in software for transferring information. We will consider “moving” on the example of Honor 9.



The EMUI 5.1 shell, under the control of Honor 9, has received many useful features that we’ve already talked about, including the Phone Clone utility. This is a simple tool for transferring all the basic data, files and settings from one device to another without the use of connecting cables, a computer or an external public network. The application helps to transfer almost any information from the old device – contacts, messages, call list, photos, audio, video, documents.

To transfer information from your iOS device to Honor 9, you must:

1. Go to Honor 9 in settings → advanced settings → data transfer.

2. Select the operating system of the old smartphone. In our case, this is iOS.


3. Go to the App Store on the iPhone and download the Phone Clone application.

4. Open the downloaded application, click the “Send” button.

5. Connect to a Wi-Fi network, which will automatically create Honor 9 to establish a connection between the old and new gadget.

6. Phone Clone will offer you to choose what information you need to transfer. Mark the necessary items and click the “Transfer” button.

All that remains is to wait a little while information from the iOS device moves to Honor 9. The wait time usually takes 20-40 minutes and depends more on the number of photos and videos on the old gadget.

Moving from Android to Android

In the case of Honor 9, everything is simple – go to the advanced settings, select the transfer of data using Phone Clone and do all the same steps that were described above. Of course, note that you do not have iOS on the old smartphone, but Android.


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However, if there is no such integrated carrier in the new gadget, it’s okay. You can use any third-party utility with the Play Market. For example, CLONEit.

The CLONEit application can transfer 12 types of data to the new device: contacts, SMS / MMS messages, call log, applications, all types of files on the SD card (photos, videos, music, etc.), calendar, system settings (in including Wi-Fi passwords, accounts, browser bookmarks). However, there are no restrictions on the number of transmitted files or their size.

The principle of CLONEit is quite simple. The app itself must be installed on both Android devices. On one of them a wireless access point is created, and the second one is connected to this point, so information is transferred.

To transfer data from one Android-smartphone to another using the CLONEit utility, you must perform the following steps:

1. Download the CLONEit application from the Play Market on both devices.

2. Run the program on the old gadget. We press the button “Sender”.

3. Open CLONEit on the new device. We choose that this phone will be the recipient.

4. We wait, when both smartphones will see each other in the application. Click “Connect”.


5. Note which types of information you need to transfer (photos, contacts, applications, etc.).

6. Press the “Start” button and watch the “move” process.

Declared by the developer CLONEit data transfer rate – 20 MB / c, so that you will not have to wait long.


Transferring contacts from an old button phone

With smartphones everything is clear – in the application store there are many utilities to transfer, and in some devices they are immediately built into the system. But what if you need to transfer data from an old button “dialer”?

Photos, videos and music can be transferred to a new smartphone via a computer or transmitted via Bluetooth. But with the contacts a little more difficult, especially if there are a lot of them – with the “accounting” of Google, they no longer synchronize and through CLONEit can not be moved.

However, in some smartphones there is such a useful feature that allows you to transfer contacts from the usual “dialer”. The main thing is that it supports at least Bluetooth. On an example of Honor 9 we tell how the notebook is transferred:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth button phone.

2. We open on Honor 9 contacts.

3. Click “More” → “Import / Export”.

4. Import from another phone.


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5. We press two times further, we find in the list of Bluetooth-devices necessary to us a device and we connect to it.

6. Press the “Transfer” button and wait a few seconds.



Thanks to applications built into many modern smartphones or that can be downloaded from the Play Market, moving from the old device to the new one takes place as quickly and easily as possible. For example, in Honor 9 there is a utility Phone Clone, which allows you to transfer all data from the device to Android or iOS. Even with a push-button phone, you can “pull out” the contacts, which will be useful when the mother or grandmother decides to switch “from the buttons” to a modern smartphone. And did you encounter difficulties when switching to a new device?

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