Microsoft Lost Its Major Partner in The Smartphone Market


Microsoft Lost Its Major Partner in The Smartphone Market

Microsoft has lost a major partner in the production of smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile. HP to the last continued to support the Redmond corporation and even released the flagship smartphone Elite x3 based on Windows, when the rest switched to Android.But during a conversation with The Register on the Canalys Channels Forum, Nick Lazaridis, the head of HP in EMEA regions, said that the companies recent actions forced them to reconsider their plans for the mobile version of Windows 10.


HP Elite x3

“Microsoft, like all companies, has decided to change the strategy, and so they are less focused on what they think is pointless.Considering this, we also decided that without Microsoft’s advancement and support, to continue to do the intended does not make sense. If the software and the ecosystem of the operating system does not exist, then we are not the company creating this operating system, “- said Nick Lazaridis.

According to Nika Lazaridis, they had plans to support and develop Elite x3. They were going to release a lot of new products. Now they intend to just sell and support the Elite x3 until 2019.

Judging by the latest Microsoft actions, the company realized that it will not be able to compete with Android and iOS, so it decided to win the mobile market through both platforms. The other day the corporation released on Android the corporate launcher Microsoft Launcher and announced the launch of testing the browser Edge on iOS and Android.

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