Microsoft to protect Windows users from KRACK vulnerability

Microsoft to protect Windows users from KRACK vulnerability

IT giants begin to respond to the threat in the face of the KRACK exploit (Key Reinstallation Attacks), which exploits the vulnerabilities of the popular WPA2 encryption protocol.
Recall that the discovered “loophole” allows hackers to intercept traffic from various devices connected to Wi-Fi. Attackers can install malicious software, and they also have access to such confidential information as credit card numbers, passwords, correspondence and much more.
One of the fastest companies in the issue of eliminating vulnerabilities was Microsoft.


Representatives of the Redmond Corporation said that Windows users can consider the problem resolved, since the security update has already been released:

“Users who installed the update or updated automatically will be protected. To ensure full protection for our customers, we recommend that you enable automatic updates. “

Microsoft is going to publish details in the near future. Meanwhile, Google has promised to make its contribution “in the coming weeks.”By the way, the first devices that received a fresh security update will be “pixel” smartphones – for them the update will be available on November 6.
And if the fate of Google Pixel can not worry, then the rest of the gadgets running Android should be worried. Experts say that about 41% of devices on Android are at risk, since it will take more time to correct security holes in such a system.

Commented on the situation and the Union of the largest manufacturers of computer equipment and wireless devices Wi-Fi Alliance:

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“This problem can be solved with simple software updates. Companies that provide access points, including major platform developers, have already begun to produce patches. “

As for Apple, the Cupertino players have not yet made official statements, because they did not find out whether the latest versions of iOS and macOS are compromised.

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