Apples takes it stand on rumors about a decrease in the accuracy of the work (iPhone X)of Face ID

iPhone X

Apples takes it stand on rumors about a decrease in the accuracy of the work (iPhone X) of Face ID

Apple’s leadership did not remain silent and gave an official commentary on all the rumors about reducing the accuracy of Face ID. Recall that yesterday Bloomberg published a report that Apple gave a command to its partners to lower the requirements for testing the Face-ID Face-Scan 3D system in the new iPhone X in time to release the smartphone within the specified time.

iPhone X

In its statement, the company refutes rumors and claims that Bloomberg’s report is false:

The client hype around the iPhone X and Face ID was incredible, and we can not wait for users to start working with them on Friday, November 3rd. Face ID is a powerful and secure authentication system that is incredibly simple and intuitive to use. The quality and accuracy of the face identifier has not changed. Probabilities of false triggering of an accidental person unlocking your iPhone using Face ID, still remains one in a million.

Bloomberg’s statement that Apple has reduced the accuracy specification for Face ID is completely false, and we expect the technology to be the new gold standard for face-based authentication.

Perhaps Apple really managed to solve the problem with the production of the Face ID system for the iPhone X, while retaining the maximum accuracy of face recognition. Whether this is true or not, time will tell.



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