How Hackers stole almost 900 million rubles in Android-smartphones


How Hackers stole almost 900 million rubles in Android-smartphones

Hackers have mastered automatic theft of funds from devices running Android using SMS. For the period from the second quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2017 inclusive, abusers stole about 821.7 million rubles from Russians – 136% more than in the same period a year earlier.


According to Group-IB, there are now 10 criminal groups specializing in stealing money via SMS. On average, they commit about 300 thefts per day, earning on each order 11 000 rubles. Last year, this figure was 4,000 rubles.

According to experts, previously fraudsters engaged in the theft of funds through SMS-banking. But after the detention of three criminal groups engaged in such types of fraud, the rest switched to receiving bank card data by sending fake links. In the Group-IB note that the theft of money through SMS-banking is typical only for Russia.

Group-IB was told that most of the time cybercriminals look at bulletin boards and send messages.
with forged links to these numbers as a response to the user’s announcement. In addition, under Android there are malicious applications that can send SMS, check the status of bank accounts and automatically transfer money.

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