Google Clips uses a special intelligent chip from Intel

Google Clips

Google Clips uses a special intelligent chip from Intel

In the new “smart” camera Google Clips was found an intellectual chip manufactured by Movidius, owned by Intel. It allows the device to analyze what it has seen. Recall, Clips also uses machine learning to understand who you most often spend time with, and starts automatically to shoot these people, keeping the most important and interesting moments.


Google Clips

It turned out, Google Clips uses the Myriad 2 chip, which the company itself calls Movidius visual processing unit – VPU. The chipset was specially designed for solving problems of machine vision, including for object recognition. Movidius claims that it is the industry’s first ever monitored processor. Earlier it was already used in devices Project Tango from Google and unmanned aerial vehicles DJI.


The Myriad 2 chip allows the Google Clips camera to perform image analysis directly on the device itself, without transferring it to the cloud. This is useful both from the side of confidentiality, and in terms of battery life.

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