Cyanogen, once known for CyanogenMod is Now Cyngn


Cyanogen, once known for CyanogenMod is Now Cyngn

Cyanogen, once known for CyanogenMod – the most popular custom firmware based on Android, announced the change of name to Cyngn.
True, it is unclear what happened with the name Andrasta HQ , which the company chose earlier this year.
Along with the rebranding, the company finally let past and is now engaged in a more promising direction, the development of self-managed cars.


Also, the company does not exclude the possibility of producing its own equipment. Recently, Cyngn received permission from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test self-managed cars on public roads.

Currently, Cyngn employs about 30 employees, and some of them have moved to the company from Mercedes Benz and Udacity.
Nevertheless, the organization continues to look for new specialists, and from its vacancies it is clear that it is working on various radars, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, lidars and ROS – an open source operating system for robots.

In the past, the company collected 115 million dollars of investment and intends to receive another 200 million.
True, there are rumors that things are not as smooth in Cyngn.
According to some sources, it is considering proposals for the purchase of another company.

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