Apple favors Google search engine than Microsoft


Apple abandoned the search engine Microsoft in favor of Google


Apple made a loud announcement, announcing the termination of cooperation with Microsoft and the transition to the use of Google’s search engine instead of Bing. So far it’s only about search queries for the virtual assistant Siri and the built-in search function in iOS. In the future, the company is going to abandon the services of the search engine Bing and other branded services.



“Moving to Google as a web search provider for Siri, search in iOS and Spotlight on the Mac will allow these services to get a consistent web search through Safari by default. We have a strong relationship with Google and Microsoft, and we are still ready to provide the best user experience, “- said in a statement Apple.

While Apple switched from Bing to Google only in Siri and the built-in search on iOS, but in the future the Spotlight function in macOS will also work with the search engine from Google.

The timing of the transition to a new search engine has not yet been reported.



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