Moto Insta-Share Projector “turn a smartphone into a cinema”

 Moto Insta-Share Projector (turn a smartphone into a cinema with the help of the Moto Z2 play)

Continuing acquaintance with the world of accessories MotoMods, it is impossible to pass by one of the most unusual additions to the smartphone Moto Z2 Play. It’s about Insta-Share Projector, able to turn any place into a cinema hall. The compact mod connects to the smartphone in a second and will be ready to show the movie / TV series faster than you prepare popcorn.

What is Moto Insta-Share?

Of course, Moto Insta-Share Projector is not a competitor to large stationary projectors. He is not about the presentation in the conference hall for 40 people, but about “I want to see a movie / series here and now.” “Here” can be anywhere with a flat surface, “now” – within 10-15 seconds after the appearance of a desire to watch a movie or a TV show. At a weight of 124 grams, the modular projector is equipped with its own battery, and in sizes slightly larger than the Turbo Power Pack . The projector will start charging the smartphone’s battery after its own battery is exhausted. The module has its own USB Type-C connector for recharging.

Moto Z2 play

Inside the curved plastic housing with a corrugated surface is a full-fledged DLP-projector with a widescreen matrix with a resolution of 854×480 pixels and a lamp with a capacity of 50 lumens. Places for the passive cooling system of the lamp in such a tiny device was not found, so a fan with a heat sink on the right side of the case is installed. Next to it is a control key, a recessed lens of the projector and a mechanical focusing ring. The setting is very thin and sensitive, a step literally a couple of millimeters.

For installation of the projector there is a folding aluminum stand with a tight opening stroke and reliable fixation in the range up to 180 °. Next to the base of the stand is a USB Type-C connector, and on the inside of the panel there is a touch button for checking the charge.

Tuning in a couple of touches

To assess the capabilities of Insta-Share Projector in a couple of it was taken Moto Z2 Play. Connect an accessory to the smartphone was extremely easy, for which thanks to the proprietary MotoMods system. After docking, we hold down the single button of the projector for a couple of seconds and … the broadcast started. The Moto Z2  projector displays an image from the screen of the smartphone, allowing you to display any image on the wall: photos and videos, presentations and tables, games or sites.

At first power-up, the accessory works in fully automatic mode with maximum lamp brightness and accurate adjustment of keystone distortion using an accelerometer. If the automation does not work, you can open the settings – just press the functional key of the accessory. Manual correction of geometric distortions, adjusting the brightness of the lamp and blocking the output of notifications is a reasonable minimum without technical presentations Moto Z2

Cinema at any time and where convenient

Thanks to the wide-angle optics of the Insta-Share Projector, it’s enough to place a smartphone at a distance of two meters from it to project a 70-inch diagonal image on the wall. If you move the smartphone away from the wall by three meters, the width of the image will be already two and a half meters – a real movie screen! In general, the range of focal lengths allows you to sharpen already from 15 cm, getting a picture the size of the display Moto Z2 Play.


The brightness and contrast of the Moto Z2  projection of any size is inferior to the TV, but the picture is of very good quality when using a special screen for projectors. A paper or white cloth with a density of over 200 units is also suitable, but even on a white ceiling the image is not much worse than in the RealD movie theater. What is not an excuse to watch a movie in a big company of friends? In the country, in a renovated apartment, in the car, a rest room in the office – the places for the application of the mobile projector can be listed endlessly.This accessory allows you to plunge into the world of cinema without squinting at the small display of the laptop and especially the smartphone.

With regard to the time of work, declared by the manufacturer 60 minutes can be achieved with the brightness of the lamp at 30-40%.At the maximum brightness of the built-in battery with the capacity of 1100 mAh, there is enough time for forty browsing or for an hour, if a charger is connected. Full charge lasts about an hour, plus or minus five minutes.

Moto Z2 play


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Moto Z2 play

into an alternative to a laptop where you need to show a presentation to your colleagues, or you want to watch a cult movie or a fresh episode of a popular TV series with your friends.

Insta-Share Projector does not compete with stationary projectors in terms of power, while far ahead of their mobility. It’s great to have the opportunity to unwrap your favorite movie on the whole wall, wherever you are (Moto Z2 play).

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