How to charge your smartphone or tablet faster

How to charge your smartphone or tablet faster

How to charge your smartphone or tablet faster

This world has started rotating faster! Not literally, but life moves much faster on Earth than it did fifty years ago. A primary reason for this is the advancement in technology. Our phones and tablets have become our lifeline and nothing is scarier than when that 5% remaining charge message comes up.

charge your smartphone or tablet faster

You could be stranded on an unknown highway, stuck in a long commute without music or waiting for an important call, the realization of your smartphone running out of battery is heartbreaking. So many times, you leave your home in a rush and regret not having charged your phone, now you are late and without charge.

There are ways, however, to ensure quick and speedy charging. Following these simple guidelines can ensure you never find yourself in those scary situations, without charge, here are some tips on

How to charge your smartphone or tablet faster

Use a better charger

Most phones come with a standard charger that you might think is the best. I-Phones chargers give 5-watts of power and your laptop ports give 2.5-4.5 watts of power. The key to fast charging is to find the right charger and the plug. Some modern chargers are capable of delivering a whopping 15-watt of power.

Turn off your phone while charging

Turning off your phone while charging is probably one of the best tricks of them all. When you turn off your phone, no battery consumption is done. This will ensure only charging is done on the battery and nothing more.

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charge your smartphone or tablet faster

Using such a charger will give you a speedy charge, it is advisable however to look at your phone specifications and check what is the most wattage it can intake. There is no point in ruining your battery altogether for speed’s sake.

The airplane mode is your savior

Airplane mode saves a lot of battery. Whenever you put your phone in charge and want a quick and speedy charge, make sure to turn the airplane mode on. This will close Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and network for the mobile that takes up a lot of power. Hence, switch on the airplane mode and charge your phone faster.

Battery saver mode is also a beneficial method to increase the speed of your battery charging. As the name suggests, battery saver will save battery while your phone charges quickly.

Leave your phone be

Let your phone charge in peace. Checking your phone every 30 seconds is a bad idea. The screen of your phone takes up the most energy. Switching it on and off regularly will only drain your battery and hamper the quick charge you want.

How to charge your smartphone or tablet faster

Portable chargers and Discharging

Carry a portable charger and once a month fully charges your phone and drain it completely. This has said to ensure good battery health which in turn ensures a long battery life and a quick charge.

Do not overcharge

One of the worst ways to ruin your battery life is to leave it in charge for the night. It may seem like a smart idea, however, overcharging your phone with time ruins your battery life and the battery is likely to discharge at a faster rate. So, charge it often but don’t charge it beyond 100%.

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