Google launches new mechanism to deal with inaccurate news

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Bad Days Ahead for Fake News Sites As Google launches new mechanism to deal with inaccurate news

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In recent months, Google is actively set about improving the quality of its news search engine. In late May, it became known that the company intends to reduce the number of offensive positions in the search results, and then the search giant announced a cooperation with different organizations that are engaged in checking the facts in the news. By Google recently introduced a new feedback mechanism for users so that they can report inaccurate or offensive statements in the SERP.


If you write in Google search bar specific question, you can sometimes get a response, provided some of the sites. It may be some well-known scientific fact about the river, mountain, country or person, recipe, device characteristics, and so on. If the user noticed the error, he can click on the “Leave a comment” on this post and express your opinion or point out the error. Google staff analyze submitted ratings and if necessary would make changes or choose data from another trusted source.

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In addition, to be the most “transparent” in their methods and search algorithms, Google SERPs published all relevant information on the official website of support.

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