Google Play to Remove Apps with Duplicate Name

Google Play

Google to Remove dangerous and fake web services from the Google Play store.

Google Play

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In early May, the owners of Google accounts have undergone massive phishing attack, the consequences of which are still observed. The company quickly announced a series of changes to the policy work of the services, including the Google Play Store app.

The American corporation has decided to put an end to the dominance of application clones with identical names and icons to best protect users from counterfeit product with possible phishing features.

The reason for this was the use of the word “Google” in the last mailing of phishing, which was seen as a significant lack of security.
The new guidelines for developers say that the application name must be unique and can not copy the names of already published programs. The process of publishing applications have been updated risk assessment system, user settings.

Google introduced a new phase of testing web applications that ask for user data. As a result, some application developers may encounter an error when trying to publish a new application or modify the old version through Google API Console, Firebase Console or Apps Script Editor. The process of manually checking some applications will take 3 to 7 days, but in some cases – far less time. The result of such a large-scale reorganization of the store will be the disappearance of dangerous and fake web services from the Google Play store.

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