A new way to protect your gadget from scratches and slipping

Liquid Sand is a new way to protect your gadget from scratches and slipping

Eurosilicone company, owned by the French holding Medicore, launched a revolutionary coating for smartphones, which can perform the function of the bumper, anti-slip mat or cover and decorate absolutely any smartphone, tablet or laptop. We are talking about a specialized spray Liquid Sand based on silicone and sand (and, optionally, stone dust), which the user puts on the device itself.

Liquid Sand is a balloon with a special composition, which is based on a special silicone fluid and the whitest sand in the world, assembled at the Bora Bora beach – it is necessary that the coating did not look dirty. To apply spray on the device, you need to cover all the holes and lens devaysa special plugs and then spray Liquid Sand. If necessary, “cut off” the excess attached plastic instruments. Then, the coating should be heat treated hair dryer, but can be “baked” in the oven apparatus at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees to accelerate the process.

One or two layers is enough to decorate the device and does not allow slip with all surfaces at an angle up to 80 degrees. And to give coating properties of the bumper will cause up to 10 layers and, consequently, longer handle hot air. This “thicken” the device is approximately 1.5 mm, but the fall will be not afraid of him – covering a very good spring.

The manufacturer offers two options for coverage: regular Liquid Sand (available in a wide range of colors, but you can order your own tone) and more expensive Liquid Sand Gemstone, which is added to the dust razmelchonny alexandrite or opal. Due to the properties of these stones coating will change color depending on the ambient temperature. Order Liquid Sand will be available in early summer, the price will be announced later.


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