Sony contributes to improve the quality of wireless sound in Android O

Google says Sony contribution to improving the quality of wireless sound in Android O

March 21 evening, Google suddenly released the first beta version of the new operating system. One of the many changes was to support LDAC codec developed by Sony and is intended for transmission over a Bluetooth high quality audio. It turns out that the contribution of Japanese corporations in the creation of a new version of Android was so important that Google representatives could not fail to note. One of the employees of the search giant said that Sony Mobile has made more than 30 improvements to the Android features and corrected 250 errors.

The main contribution to the Sony Android O was the improvement in voice quality over a wireless connection, as well as providing branded wireless encryption technology LDAC. The latter allows you to transfer more data via Bluetooth with bitrates up to 990 kbit / s. This technology is already used in high-end wireless headphones, speakers and a Sony smartphone.

“In contrast to other encoding techniques that are compatible with Bluetooth, such as SBC, LDAC operates without deterioration converting audio content Hi-Res Audio and can transmit about three times more data than other technologies, via wireless Bluetooth network”, – the LDAC description technology for manufacturers of Android-devices.

With the release of Android O other manufacturers can enable LDAC technology in their smartphones. However, for the use of this technology in wireless headphones or speakers to other companies will have to pay royalties to Sony, while in the case of mobile devices LDAC is now part of Android AOSP code base.


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