Google celebrates as Google Play Turns 5 years

Google Play

Google Play celebrates fifth  anniversary

Google is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the firm Google Play online store. It was launched on 6 March 2012 and has become the place where collected millions of apps, games, movies and TV shows, 40 million songs, and 5 million books. The service is available on smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and more recently – and smartwatch is running Android Wear. In five years of existence of the store Google Play, the number of active users exceeded 1 billion.


If you have a smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, or a smart watch, your device can be anything and will take you anywhere, offering a variety of things to watch, read, play and do. Google Play gives life to your device, providing. great content for people around the world, in fact, Google Play Apps, and All Android app now available in more places than ever before, including the Chromebook, Android Wear, and platform Google Daydream virtual reality is just the beginning “-. said the Google blog.

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