The first beta version of the Android O has been released by Google

Google has released the first beta version of the Android O

To everyone’s surprise, Google released the first beta of the new version of the operating system Android O. Similarly, the search giant did last year, and it seems that now it will be an annual tradition. The serial number and operating system name will be announced only with the release of the final version in late summer or early autumn. However, we already know about most of the changes Android O. About all found at this point, see the innovations under the cut.

background restrictions

Starting with Android 7.0, the system may limit some of the actions of applications in the background. The Android O Google developers have gone a step further, paying much attention to saving energy and increasing battery life without user intervention. New restrictions for implicit data transmission (sending “signals” to other applications), background services (actions of applications that are still running when it is not displayed on the screen), and location update runs automatically.

notification channels

The Android O Google introduces new notification channels: grouping of notifications by type. Notifications are still run an application that gives them, but users can configure how they are displayed based on each channel. For example, a smartphone owner can customize how the news will show the nature of the notification or will be implemented control your music player.

autocomplete API

Platform support for autofill provides better protection and advanced way for an application to store repetitive information. With new Autocomplete API user can select the source autofill data, and applications that need to store and retrieve data of this kind will no longer have to act as a service with special features. A program like Password Manager will be able to link the Autocomplete API, and the user selects it, if necessary, he chooses a new keyboard. It can also be created by an application that will work as a global auto-complete data warehouse without being tied to any specific program.

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“Picture in Picture” mode

After the appearance of the function “Picture in Picture” last year in the Android TV Google has implemented the same opportunity and smartphones. If your application supports this feature, the user can move a video from YouTube or other applications in a small window and keep working with other programs.

font resources in XML

The Android O appeared font support for a complete resource type. This means that the fonts can be identified as well as color and other resources are in pilot applications using XML. Therefore, developers will have more control over the font and style that they use. This means that you can use different fonts in different applications.

adaptive icons

The Pixel Launcher icons appear adaptive, and with the arrival of Android O they will be maintained at the level of the entire system. parameters can be set for different forms of masks, which define the outer boundary of the icons. In addition, the icon can be animated. Adaptive icons will be supported in the launcher, labels, device settings, and screen sharing menu application review.

Furthermore, it is possible to display the number of missed notification icon if this option supported by the application.

Wide color gamut for applications

Application developers will be able to use the profiles of a wide color gamut on the devices, displays that support these profiles. These include Adobe RGB, Pro Photo RGB and DCI-P3.


Android O changes the mode of interaction devices to one another:

  • Transmission of high-quality sound through Bluetooth Sony LDAC codec.
  • Neighborhood Aware Networking with Wi-Fi Aware specification. Devices with the supported equipment can communicate with each other by Wi-Fi without a central access point (router).
  • Telecommunications infrastructure provides new ways to interact with third-party applications to each other and to the special features of mobile operators. The new API supports applications that do not want to use a universal system phone application to display information about calls. These data can be transmitted, and they can be controlled via Bluetooth.
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Keyboard navigation

Android O includes changes to the navigation of the arrows and keys. This change is important for Chromebook.

AAudio API for Pro Audio

New AAudio API was designed for applications that require high-performance audio with low latency. Audio data can be read and written via the normal streaming and AAudio API is responsible for the distribution and retention. The first version of the API-interface AAudio not yet fully ready, but developers can already test it.

Improvements in WebView

Android O lets you use multiprocessor mode for the components of the WebView Android Nougat default, and includes the API, developers can handle errors and failures. This improves the stability and security applications using web development languages.

API Java 8 and optimize performance

The next version of Android supports the new API Java languages, including the new java.time API, presented the latest version of Java 8. Also implemented optimization to improve performance and stability of applications created by Android O. The

The new Settings menu

The Android O completely redesigned settings menu. Each section now displays even more useful information.

Gestures for the fingerprint scanner

accessibility service may respond to swipe up, down, left and right of the fingerprint scanner. Will this feature is enabled by default in the system – is still unknown.

And that’s just the major innovations that have been found in the Android O at the time of writing the news. In the future, as well as with the release of the next beta releases may occur and other changes. Google will release all four assembly for developers, and the final release of the OS is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

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First beta Android O can be tested on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player , Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C. To access the beta version, you must be a member of the program All Android Beta . In addition, the site developer images already available Android O DP1. It should be noted that the present assembly is very unstable and it is not recommended to be installed on the main unit.

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