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Changhong H2 app

Changhong H2 smartphone will Call tell if jewelry and medicines are fake

Smartphones have long expanded their basic set of features some unusual abilities. For example, Moto Z can work as a projector, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro can create 3D-models, and virtually any smartphone, if it is placed in a special headset, will allow plunge into the virtual reality.

Now the list of devices added Changhong H2, demonstrated this week at the CES 2017. The novelty is equipped with a molecular sensor with the ability to scan objects, specifying the material from which they are made. This smartphone will be able to “feel” the taste, to measure the level of fat in the body and identify fakes.

Changhong H2

Technology used in the smartphone – infrared spectroscopy, whereby light directed to an object and its changes are tracked so that recognizable structure at the molecular level. Similar methods have been used in flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy, which with the help of user tracking light pulse and blood oxygen levels. In practice, the technology used in Changhong H2 can be used to determine the composition of food (including packed) and find useful information on the components used. For example, people with diabetes can learn how a product will affect blood sugar levels, as an ordinary user can scan the fruits in the supermarket and pick the sweetest.

Changhong H2

On Changhong H2 is an app that distinguishes the real from the counterfeit materials, including precious metals, medicines, and other things. In fact, the potential of the technology is limited only by the imagination of application developers.

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Changhong H2 app

H2 – is not just a high-tech prototype that will not get to the store shelves. Smartphone sales in China will begin in the beginning of this year, and by fall, the novelty should enter the US market. Meanwhile, the global market for the device may come under a different brand. The Cost of the smartphone is set to approximately $ 400.

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