Are you a Lover of Puzzle Games Try “Manual”

Think You can Win the Puzzle? Try  “Manual”

Android Puzzle Game ""Manual""

Leaders of downloads in the app stores – mostly casual games. And often at the forefront, they put not addictive gameplay, and the desire to earn as much money on a player. Even easy to find in the vast Market something that does not fall under this rule is not bad. Facilitate the search – there are “Manual”, according to the developer’s assurances, one of the most challenging puzzles on Google Play!

Platform : Android

Version : 6.11.6

Russian Interface : Yes

Requirements : Android 3.0 and above

Category : Puzzle

Box – the most complicated mechanism set up for one purpose only: to protect by any means that is stored inside. And it’s great to deal with it. Each layer of protection – an independent, complex and original puzzle. Task Tester (player), try to hack to bypass the protection system boxes, find hidden switches, picking up passwords and solving all the new and new challenges to uncover all the secrets and mysteries of a manual.

Android Puzzle Game Manual
There are not sold Tips for the money, the game is not at all generous to help the player. Rather, on the contrary, sometimes the answer is hidden more than insidious: while before my eyes, and there, where the player will certainly be found in the last turn. But that’s the whole charm lies! The joy of victory, when it seemed no solution, is a complete and irreversible impasse.

Android Puzzle Game Manual Tips

Despite the high complexity of this puzzle game, it will appeal not only to hardcore but in general to all fans of intellectual games. Here, the player will need all the innovative thinking and attention to detail for which it is capable of: the game is a challenge, and to solve all the puzzles and find all the secrets have to be a loaf.

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pros :

  • unusual puzzles;

  • nice picture;

  • attention to detail.

cons :

  • high complexity;

  • the game is pretty short.

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