Owners Elephone P9000 can Now try out Android 7.0

Elephone P9000

Owners Elephone P9000 can already try out the Android 7.0

Elephone P9000

Last month Elephone promised to release in mid-November for the P9000 flagship smartphone operating system upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. After much testing and troubleshooting, developers announced that the firmware is ready and available for installation. However, at the moment only as a beta, so experts could find and fix all the bugs before the global release. Once developers are confident in the stability of the firmware, the update will be available to all owners of Elephone P9000 via OTA.


With the upgrade to Android 7.0 Elephone P9000 users are waiting for a lot of changes, including a new quick settings menu and notification center, multi-mode, allows you to work simultaneously with two applications and quick switch between the last running programs, the possibility of changing the system size and the font size.

Install Android 7.0 beta version on Elephone P9000 can be by hand, so we recommend you do so only experienced users. About all the errors, you can write to the relevant topic in our forum, or on the official forum Elephone.

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