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Product Key Explorer v3.9.3.0 + Portable

I just stumbled on this software and thought it wise to share it with you. The software product key explorer is a windows base software that can help you recover your lost product key after using it for installation for the first or second time.

Product key explorer is a new version of a simple program which is able to find the installed applications on your computer, then give you the serial number of each, then you will be able to keep it  in a text file, it is a useful tool for users who use licensed software.

How Product Key Explorer v3.9.3.0 Works

After launching the software, you will need to press one button to start the process of analyzing the installed software, then in front of you is a list of products and serial numbers, I think there is nothing special to add, you can clearly see from the screenshots.


Product Key Explorer is perfectly able to work in the local network, so system administrators will also be able to find a use for, let’s say you want to find on your network pirated software, will make it easier than ever. Do not forget that if you do not have Administrator rights, you will need to enter your username and password.

The Product the Key Explorer has a very simple interface, I think everyone can easily understand it, the program works with thousands of applications.

Developer : NSASOFT LLC
language : English
size : 6.52 MB
OS : Windows


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