Nintendo Switch Specifications

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Specifications to remain mystery until 2017

Nintendo Switch SpecificationsNintendo company recently revealed to the public its new gaming console Nintendo the Switch.Novelty is a hybrid device that combines the portability and gaming console.


Unfortunately, information about Nintendo Switch is not so much at the moment – the console itself will be available no earlier than 2017, and most of the data is based on the official video from the company.


The official  Takashi Mochizuki said in Wall Street Journal that the Nintendo is not planning to share any more information about future games, as well as detailed specifications and capabilities of the console. Those who wish to learn more in order to make a final decision on the purchase will have to wait until the coming year.


After the demonstration of the console, there have been more questions than answers – for example, will it support touch input, if realized how powerful the result will be and whether Nintendo Switch to compete with other players in the console market. The situation with the games is also not cleared – even Bethesda can not say whether the version of Skyrim will be released for Nintendo Switch.

Perhaps this mystery is the fact that Nintendo is willing to “feel” the primary reaction of the audience and simultaneously makes some changes to their console before its sales.

Nintendo Switch

I also wonder if the new console Nintendo Switch will maintain physical carriers of the old consoles: Wii U and 3DS. For example, as admitted Microsoft company implementing backward compatibility on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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