New LifeProof waterproof cases for Google Pixel and Pixel XL Released

Google Pixel and Pixel XL gets new LifeProof  waterproof case

waterproof cases for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

New smartphones Google Pixel features a powerful camera and a personal assistant Google Assistant, however, a serious drawback for many potential buyers may be the lack of protection against water. This can be corrected with new covers from LifeProof, who must defend Google smartphones from moisture to a depth of two meters. In addition, the cover of the phone can survive a fall from a height of two meters and will be reliably protected from dirt and snow.


New smart search giant received a degree of protection IP53. This means that they are protected from dust and splashing. Given the fact that some of the flagships of the competitors are able to withstand the full and long immersion in water, the degree of protection IP53 at the XL Pixel and Pixel disappoint some buyers. However, with new covers LifeProof Pixel for Pixel and the XL, these devices will become much tougher.

Protected covers Google Pixel Pixel XL and will soon go on sale.

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