Patents Samsung S Pen stylus with built-in speaker

Patents Samsung S Pen stylus

In 2011, Samsung introduced the first series smartped Galaxy Note, which is characterized by the great standards of a 5-inch display and the presence of S Pen stylus. Since then, the manufacturer of the year strongly improved himself smartped and stylus, but the way of interaction between the two devaysa essentially not changed. Judging by the new patent Samsung, the S Pen in the future may become the speaker of the smartphone. This last can play a sound even without a stylus inside.

Patents Samsung S Pen stylus

According to the description of this patent, the smartphone speaker will be located inside the jack under the stylus. When the latter is inserted in the smart phone, the sound is output through the speaker at the end of the stylus. If the S Pen and used for its intended purpose for painting, then at this moment the sound is played through the speaker inside the smartphone.


It is unclear what is the meaning of this decision, and what place the speaker inside the connector for the stylus. Perhaps this idea will remain patent, which does not find application in a real device.

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