Head of Microsoft Niantic Confident in the prospects of augmented reality

augmented reality

Head of Microsoft Niantic John Hanke said his Confident in the prospects of Augmented Reality

augmented reality

In recent years, many companies have launched projects related to virtual reality, but some believe that a more promising direction of development is the augmented reality (AR). According to experts, AR-device better suited for use in a variety of situations and in the future may offer greater functionality. Similar views are held by executives and a number of large companies. Among them, Apple’s , and the Microsoft Niantic.

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Recently the head of Niantic John Hanke in the interview Recode resource noted that in the long term augmented reality has great potential. According to him, the AR-devices do not “close” user from the outside world, but on the contrary encourage them and push for interoperability. In addition, after the company released the hugely Niantic Pokemon GO, many users began to celebrate what began to move more. Therefore, the statement by John Hanke is not without washed.


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