Lenovo Moto Mod Development Kit allows you to produce your own modules Moto Mod

Develop your own version of Moto Z or Moto Z force with Lenovo Moto Mod Development Kit

Lenovo Moto Mod Development Kit

When it was first introduced, Lenovo smartphones Moto Z and Moto Z Force, it was announced that third-party vendors have access to all the necessary tools to create their own modules.

And only three months later he released the brand Moto Kit Moto Mod Development Kit developers, allowing all who wish to create a variety of modules. Examples specialists lead with optional display modules or battery audinachinkoy and advanced sensors such as, for example, a thermometer.

Lenovo Moto Mod Development Kit

The kit Moto Mod Development Kit includes a reference module, which is a miniature computer with a processor and a variety of ports, including DisplayPort. Also included there is a board with 364 pins, which opens to developers unlimited opportunities.

The cost of a basic set of Moto Mod Development Kit is $ 125, and all sorts of additional adapters and modules to buy separately. Deliveries will begin October 5, China, Europe, South America and Canada.

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