ASUS ZenScreen bags most thin and light mobile monitor

ASUS ZenScreen Appears in IFA 2016 exhibition

ZenScreen One of the most unusual innovations from ASUS Taiwanese company at the IFA 2016 exhibition was the 15.6-inch portable monitor ZenScreen.

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It weighs about 900 grams, and its thickness is only 8 mm. How assures ASUS, it is the thinnest and lightest portable Full HD-display in the world. On three sides the thickness of the borders around the screen is only 6.5 mm.

It should be noted that in ZenScreen, apart from the display and the battery, nothing else, and it is not running autonomously. It is designed to connect through connector USB Type-C for laptops, computers, tablets, and other devices.

ASUS ZenScreen

Complete with ZenScreen supplied special case-cover, allowing you to install the monitor on a flat surface. If there is no cover at hand, or you need to install the display vertically in the bottom corner it has a hole where you can insert the handle and use it as a stand.

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Unfortunately, battery life and the detailed specifications of ASUS ZenScreen is yet to be announced. The cost of the monitor is expected to be about $ 300.

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