Leaked: Hackers can use YouTube videos for hacking smartphones

YouTube videos for hacking

YouTube videos for hacking

It turns out that hackers and attackers do not have to use all kinds of viruses to hack into users’ mobile devices.

A team of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and Georgetown University has found a way to remotely manage other people’s smartphones using voice commands through a video on YouTube.


They found that digital assistants like Google Now and of Siri, can recognize voice commands for users who sounds like an incoherent jumble of sounds. Thus, the user can watch videos on your computer or TV, and while your smartphone is playing videos can perform malicious commands.

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The researchers say that the fraudsters can point your smartphone to go on with malicious code websites, modify configuration settings, send user data, and more.


At the same time in the video at this point may sound more noise, so the user does not even understand what is happening if you don’t look at your smartphone.

To demonstrate the operation of this method of hacking, the researchers created a site where several different types of teams represented.

The only effective way to protect yourself from this type of hacking is to disable the settings in the voice assistant feature continuous listening.


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