How to get your favorite page/ group feeds at the top with the current facebook update

Facebook has continued to improve it’s services to keep friends and families together while also making sure people keep track of recent news and updates from their favorite pages and groups on facebook.

This is exactly the aim of the recent update done by facebook to give more priority to people to see what their friends and family are sharing on facebook which is the actual aim of facebook as a social network.
Facebook on Wednesday announced it’s intentions to go back to its root plans of bringing people together by giving more priority to updates from friends and family than that of  news publications.
Although there is still a significant portion of the 1.65 billion monthly Facebook members who use the platform primarily as a source of news, instead of a place to socialize.
How to get your favorite page/ group feeds at the top with current facebook update.
Step 1
Like the facebook page of your favorite organization eg Recent Hacks.
Step 2
Go to the search bar and type in the name of the page you just liked or any other page you have liked then point your cursor to the drop-down arrow on the like button, a drop down menu will appear, from the menu select see first.
Step 3
Below the notification option, click on activate all notifications.
If you have successfully followed the above steps, then you will be able to get notifications from your favorite groups and pages just as you get from your friends and families.

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