How to get 1gb data for mtn free

Free 1gb data for mtn free

How to get 1gb data for mtn freeAs the various network providers in the country continue to fight for top position in the Nigeria market, data keeps getting cheaper and we hope this war just continues so we can get the MBs for free lol… almost free I meant.

How to get mtn 1gb data for wow weekend free

Last weekend Mtn launched a new data option called wow weekend, with the wow weekend program, customer get’s 1GB for recharging above #500 during the weekend and 100MB for recharge of up to #200 and above.

How long does mtn wow weekend data last?

The mtn wow weekend data expires by midnight on Sundays so if you get the data with our little trick, just make sure you finish it before the weekend runs out.


How to get mtn 1gb data for free

To get the mtn wow weekend 1gb data for free, you have to apply a trick which I call the share and sell trick.

First, make sure you are on a plan that allows you to use share and sell and a good example is mtn plus (dial *406#).

If you are already on mtn plus and you have your share and sell pin ready, then you can look for a friend or family member who has no need for the data but need’s to recharge during the weekend and offer to help them buy the recharge card.

After buying the recharge card load it in your phone then  transfer the recharge card to the owner and keep the 1GB or 1MB data and browse to infinity.



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