Umi to insure their smartphones

Umi insure’s their smartphonesNext week UMi company may announce some insurance smartphones, which significantly extend the operation of the smartphone. Unfortunately, the sources could not give a definite answer to the question, what exactly is waiting for us.

According to one version, UMi launches a program of supplementary insurance smartphones surcharge. Due to this, the owners of phones will be able to repair the unit at a discount of up to 50% and more. Smart insurance will even act as if the phone was damaged in the event of rough handling, falls out of the hands, drowning in the toilet.


Another version is that Umi release protected ala smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. It is characterized by high impact resistance and strength at careless use. Regarding the information specification is not, however, rumors featured a period of 3 years – perhaps this extended warranty on the device, or a guaranteed service life of the telephone.

Source: 4pda

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