Samsung to introduce a New Smartphone Clamshell SM-2017

Samsung continues to trail its customers with new products and smartphones and clamshell is one of the latest innovation.At the end of last year, Samsung has introduced the W2016 smartphone in the once popular form-factor “clamshell”. The device is sold exclusively in China and cost as two Galaxy S6. It seems that this type of device has its fans, as the manufacturer is already working on a new “clamshell” SM-2017. Among the bowels of the device is codenamed Veyron. Interestingly, the hardware innovations will once again be the flagship even by today’s standards.


According to reports, Samsung SM-2017 will receive Exynos 8890 eight-processor, 12-megapixel main and 5-megapixel front camera, as in the Galaxy S7. Display the smartphone will be two: internal and external by 3.9 inches each, made by proprietary technology Super AMOLED.

It is expected that Samsung SM-2017 will be released later this year and will once again be exclusive to the Chinese market.

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