Apple Second Generation SmartWatch Maybe equipped with a camera

Contrary to expectations, Apple has not shown at the conference for the second generation of smartwatches Watch developers. Rumors about this device long ago appeared on the network, and this week the US Bureau of registration of patents and trademarks issued patents that may shed light on Apple Watch 2. In one of them has a clock image that is almost completely identical to the current one, except for one or two small differences. On the left side of the device, two additional buttons are shown, the purpose of which still remains unclear.


In another patent is a block diagram which lists all the components hours. The greatest interest is the section of the user interface, where in addition to the touch screen, microphone, vibration motor speaker mentioned the camera and headphone output. Rumors about the appearance of Apple Watch 2 cameras have repeatedly surfaced in the network. According to experts, users will be able to communicate with a watch through FaceTime or shtri scan codes in stores.

It is expected that the second generation of Apple Watch will show this fall. Among the above-mentioned changes in them can be a large number of sensors to monitor physical activity and user state.

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