The Smart Option for Buying Used Items Online in Nigeria

Online shopping is making waves in different countries around the world today and Nigeria is not an exception.
As many sites are being launched daily for both new and used items and serious profit is been made by people from the sales of their used items which ordinarily they would have thrown away but thanks to online shops like which have added and will continue to add thousands of Naira to the pockets of smart Nigerians who have decided to take advantage of the wonderful platform provided by Jiji to add value to their lives from their old item.

How does buying/ Selling of used items really work?

Buying and selling of used products on Jiji is very simple, straightforward and stress-free. All you need to do as a seller is, get the item you want to sell, take a picture of the item with your smartphone or digital camera, then login to and create a free ad and upload the picture with a short description of the item plus your contact details and publish your advert then wait for calls from buys.

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As a buyer,  if you are looking for used product like iPhone for instance, simply visit Jiji and check under phones category to select the iPhone of your choice and get the contact details of the seller and give him/her a call or leave the person a message; if both of you come to an agreement then you can now pay for the product.

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What can I buy/sell on Jiji?

You can sell/ buy phones, laptops, shoes, tv sets, cars etc…

Final words; doesn’t bill you for advertising your products, so you can put up as much ads as possible for all the items you want to sell and also note that items with good and clear images stand better chance of being sold faster.

Note: You are advised to check the security section of Jiji’s website to get more details.

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