New Moto Droid 2016 Rendering Appears with Unusual Connector

Yesterday, the network got the first rendering of Moto X next-generation, with full appearance of the item.
As it turned out, the company Lenovo, which is now responsible for the Moto line, stopped on a prototype design, as shown in a photo which was published late last year.

The appeared picture and the new Moto Droid for Verizon operators externally look almost the same as the alleged Moto X (2016). The front screen is placed under a fingerprint scanner, and the body is suspected to be made of metal.

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The most controversial point in the design of a new line of Moto fans celebrate with the camera module and flash. Many people immediately pointed out that it resembles a smartwatch Moto 360. Another unusual element is the unknown connector at the bottom of the back cover. In rendering Moto X (2016) it can be seen more clearly.
The Purpose of the connector remains a mystery. It is possible that the special accessories for smartphones will be produced: cases or docking station.
According to The Wall Street Journal, a new line of Moto X and Moto Droid will be available in July this year. Another source says that the presentation will take place on August 24. Also, it is likely that the devices will be shown next month at the conference the Lenovo Tech World .

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