HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Test For Strength

Earlier this month,  HTC 10 tested for strength whereby it was found that the bending unit hands virtually impossible. According to the resource, PhoneBuff decided to make a drop-test flagships from HTC and Samsung with a special HTC device and Galaxy S7. HTC 10 dropped four times on a concrete slab: the back side, lower end, on its side and face down. In the first test at the Galaxy S7 shattered glass back cover, while the all-metal HTC has got 10 pairs of scratches.

 When both phones fall to the bottom and the side face of the smartphone, both coped well with the challenge, and received only a few non-critical marks.

When both fall down the screen at both smartphones broken glass. Thus, Galaxy S7 have been damaged including the screen and using the device because it was impossible to continue. HTC 10, even though the “web” of the cracks, will remain fully operational.

Interestingly, HTC 10, was thrown 32 times before it crashed screen. Resource PhoneBuff called HTC 10 most durable smartphone in your list. In second place among them is HTC One M9, and the third – Apple iPhone 6.

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