New iOS 10 To Come with Changes and 74 new Emoji

Three months later, Apple announced a new version of the mobile operating system iOS 10, which is to get a number of changes. The main one concerns the application Photos – according to rumors, users will be able to edit EXIF metadata directly in the application. In addition, it is expected to add to the face recognition function in the photo – Face Detection. Many will appreciate the updated Emoji set as the update is expected to bring 74 additional emoticons.

Even last year, Tim Cook drew attention to the desire of many users to delete or hide unused pre-installed applications that come with the system. 7 months later, this option has not been implemented, with the Apple CEO said that mindless removal of standard applications can affect the performance of the whole system. Nevertheless, the company will open the way to solve the problem of unnecessary applications, and, most likely, users will be allowed to do the icons of hidden applications.

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The beta version of iOS 10 to debut June 13 at the WWDC show. The release of the final assembly will take place in September.

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