New HP Spectre 13.3 To OutSmart MacBook 12-Inch

Just last year Apple introduced a Laptop different from most of the available solutions on the market; with compact size, low weight, and high autonomy. But the PC has just one port and average performance which is not too good if I am to say.

A year later, HP has decided to submit its ultrabook which can compete with the 12-inch MacBook. The Novelty called HP Spectre 13.3 stands out not only with the body thickness of only 10.4 mm but also has a lot of ports and higher performance than the MacBook 12 inch.
Although with slim body, the new laptop from HP is based on the Intel Core i5 processor or Core i7 sixth generation. In addition, the novelty is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, SSD-drive capacity of 256 or 512 GB and three USB Type-C connectors, two of which support Thunderbolt.

Display size; HP Spectre is equipped with 13.3 inches screen and its resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. It is assumed that the Hewlett-Packard engineers did not equip the device with sverhchёtkim or touch screen so as to; increase battery life and to reduce the thickness of the display unit.

As for battery life, the single charge should last for 9.5 hours. Such performance was achieved thanks to the fact that the battery is made of several cells.

So far the only disadvantages of HP Spectre can be considered as the keyboard; the keys are slightly smaller than most laptops.

Cost; the device is expected to sell for $1250 and will only be available on 22 May. the novelty will be available for pre-order from 25 April and the  HP Spectre will start with $ 1, 170.

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