WiGig Spot From Panasonic Will Make Your Download 50 Times Faster

Panasonic has introduced a new wireless technology WiGig Spot, capable of transmitting data at a rate 10 times higher than a conventional wireless network. According to representatives of Panasonic, the technology will allow you download a film lasting 120 minutes in just 10 seconds.

Currently, the technology is used to demonstrate the future of wireless communication options in Narita International Airport in Tokyo. Travelers can test the network with the help of special devices that support the technology necessary to connect to the network WiGig Spot.

Installing the network at the airport of Tokyo, according to the company, it is not only an opportunity to show people the future of technology, but also to test the effectiveness of WiGig Spot, which uses a frequency of 60 GHz and, according to the researchers, is able to cover a small area network facilities.
However, developers can work around this limitation, and by forming the directional signal technology have increased the area of coverage.

WiGig The AP has three wireless module that by forming the directional signal technology can cover an area of ​​approximately 120 degrees. The combination of three modules enables a 360-degree coverage, allowing users to connect to the network, regardless of whether they are in relation to the access point.

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