ntel Promise 4G/LTE Network To Nigerians and Offers Opportunity To Reserve Your Own Number Of Choice

The company NatCom Development & Investment Ltd (NatCom) which acquired the core telecom assets, previously owned by NiTel/MTel (Nigeria’s national fixed and mobile operators) is about to launch a new network ntel and they have opened their door to the public to reserve any number of their choice and have it delivered to them when they are launched.

According to their website ntel.com.ng , NatCom which is now trading under the name ntel is planing to launch a new 4G/LTE Advanced mobile network in three (3) cities in Nigeria and this include; Lagos; Abuja; and Port Harcourt for the starters and more cities will be added with time. 

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The company also promises that their network will provide:
  • High-speed Internet Access, expected to be the fastest service available in Nigeria;
  • Voice-over-LTE services, featuring superfast call-connect times and crystal-clear high-definition voice quality; 
  • Conventional SMS; and
  • Video services
Although the date for the launch is yet to be known but the company said they have successfuly tested the 4G/LTE service in the country with some mobile companies.
You can Reserve your own 0804 mobile number now on their website ntel.com.ng by simply filling out the very short form and then check if the number you need is available. 
Note: For now they only support 3 cites which are Lagos; Abuja; and Port Harcourt mean while I already got my 0804-004 3056. 🙂

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