Memory Related Issues You Should Consider Before Upgrading To Android 6.0 Marshmallow

1. Adoptive Storage:
Adoptive storage is a feature that makes your sd card part of the phone internal memory (storage).

How is it suppose to Work?

When you insert an external storage device for the first time into a phone running  Android 6.0 you will  be asked if you want to continue using the device as a “portable storage” or  want to adopt it as “internal storage”.

If left as portable storage, then the storage device will continue to work just like a regular sd card with same restrictions to writing to it, etc.

If you elect to use it as internal storage, Android will require the sd card to be wiped (formatted) and “encrypted” to match the Android device and all contents will be wiped.

During the preparation stage, Android will profile the device for speed and reliability.  If  your device is “slow” or may cause you a poor experience, you will be alerted of this.

Once formatted and encrypted, that external storage device shows up on the Android device as “internal storage”.  Android will then ask you if you would like to move files FROM your original internal storage space to the new storage. It will tell you the TYPE and SIZE of the files to be moved, you will not be able to mark and choose.

After the above process, Android will “intelligently” try to decide where to install applications you download from the Play Store.  You may also use the built in Storage tool to move items back and forth between “internal” storage and “adopted” storage.

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 But in reality,  this function don’t really work as expected in most upgraded devices as you cannot move some apps that are in the internal storage to your sd card (adoptive memory) which is the major function of the adoptive storage in Android 6.0 marshmallow but this is not happening.


If an app that is perceived as not supposed to be in the adoptive storage is sent into the adoptive memory the file automatically disappears and retrieving it is a problem.

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2. Portable Storage

It’s for storage, and you  are “not” allowed to move files into your portable device from the internal storage.

You can no longer move apps to portable storage as you could in earlier versions. That is eliminated, in Marshmallow.

You can no longer place files, such as maps, for apps such as sygic on the sd card. It is not allowed in Android 6.0
App access has been severely limited in marshmallow as for what they can do

You can no longer access internal storage. If an app downloads to internal storage, such as a music app, browser, etc. then it’s there and you are not getting it unless you remove the sd card.

Haven stated the above you are most welcomed to share with us your views and you can also prove me wrong if you have a device that is upgraded and still works above what is stated here.

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