How to use ZI-Phreaking Tool with BBLITED On PC

If you are using some older PC or running windows XP you may face some  challenges when you try to run simple server since the PC or windows may not be able to support the simple server app and in such cases you will need an alternative proxy to enjoy the BBLITED subscription from MTN on PC for just #70.

When such situation arises, then you may consider using either ZIPhrreaking or Psiphon handler but today am just going to show you how to setup ZI-phreaking and still enjoy the same benefit as those using mtn simple server.

Let’s Get Started

ZIPhreaking Tool have been around for some time now but is just not as popular as simple server and simple server is also older but it does just the same thing as simple server which is tunnel your pc through the ISP’s server using the provided proxy and enable browse with your blackberry subscription without limitation.

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How to configure ZIPhreaking Tool:

ZIPhreaking Tool is very easy to configure and that is the major reason for this post as I will be showing you how to setup ZIPhreaking Tool on your system and have it running in few minutes without issues.

To onfigure your ZIPhreaking Tool to browse with mtn BIS follow this steps

Step 1: Download ZIPhreaking Tool 1.5 HERE

Step 2: Set the Proxy of ISP to: and Port: 8080

Step 3: Set your Url Query and Host to: or as shown in the image above and make sure every other thing is set as in the image above.

Step 4: Go to the Query (@) and click on the host and enter and do same for  x-online-Host. Note: Do not edit anything in the part labeled 4 (Replacer).

Step 5: Go to Tunnel and enable proxy then enter the proxy as shown above.

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Step 6: Click on modem (6 in the image above) if you have a modem connected to your pc then the profile may be dictated automatically but if you are using universal modem that has no dashboard but run in browser then you may have to enter as you can see in the image above and finally hit connect button then launch your modem dashboard and connect.

Note: Make sure you hit the connect button in ZI Phreaking tool before you connect your modem so you can get good result and don’t wait till you see connected in ZI Phreaking Tool before you start browsing because that may not happen.

Finally: If you are using mtn music plus package or any other cheat that works with simple server, then simply locate every place with and replace it with the new proxy and leave every other thing.

Enjoy and have fun and if you have issues please leave me a comment so I can help and don’t forget to hit the share button below this post.

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