How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Exynos Version

If you are one of the lucky owners of Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge with Exynos processor then you arr indeed lucky because for now, all those who got the Snapdragon 820 will have to be very patient till  Samsung decide to show some love and maybe release an official patch or you wait till Android N comes alive.

So if you have the above-stated version of Galaxy S7 or S7 edge  then you can already root your smartphone and enjoy the benefits.
Before you get started make sure you have the correct version (an Exynos model), be advised that rooting will trip KNOX, so please make sure you back up everything beforehand, and ensure your phone is properly charged before you proceed:

Step 1:
How to root the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge (Exynos)
Tap on the phone’s build number in Settings > About five times to enable Developer options;

2. Go to the Developer settings and enable “OEM Unlock”;

3. Get Samsung’s Odin and Chainfire’s auto-root file for your device on your computer:

Download Chainfire’s auto-root file for the Galaxy S7 Here

Download Chainfire’s auto-root file for the Galaxy S7 edge Here

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4. Unzip the files and get the “.tar.md5” extension;

5. Hold the Home, Power and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge to go into the download mode;

6. Download and install Samsung’s Mobile Phone Drivers so that Odin can find your phone;

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7. Run Odin on your computer, and connect the phone to it with the USB cable, while it’s in download mode, until Odin shows “Added message”;

8. Click the AP button in Odin, and select the .tar.md5 file you unzipped in step 4;

9. Click START and enjoy the ride. Your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge won’t show progress, just the S7 logo while the process is ongoing. It will reboot a couple of times, and then will boot into Android.

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Leave a comment if you face any challenges.

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