Google DLP technology Will Kickout Unwanted Eyes

No Individuals likes to share confidential information with unauthorized persons and no company would be happy to see production process, future plans, or other areas of the company to infiltrate the network as the company will begin serious problems.

To prevent such incidents Google Introduces New Data Loss Prevention technology (DLP) for Gmail, designed to reduce the risk of information leakage to zero. After receiving the update, Gmail will be able to carry out optical scanning documents with OCR characters. Thus, the service will make sure that the attachments do not contain any confidential or sensitive personal information.

Although the previous protective detectors on Google’s business platform and earlier had the function of scanning the content of documents but its functionality was very limited. Now, at the end of the scanning, the software automatically checks the compliance administrator composed black and white lists of the contents of the documents.
 This will help avoid a random sending unwanted data by mistake, and malicious disclosure of confidential information by employees. Now DLP service available exclusively to paid subscribers Google Apps Unlimited.

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