ASUS ZenFone 2 Owners complain of Fast Reduction in Phone Memory After OTA Upgrade

Many owners of smartphones ASUS ZenFone 2  began to complain of a sharp decrease in the volume of free memory. The site Reddit and the official forum of ASUS have created the theme, in which users share screenshots and discuss the problem. As it turned out, the memory began to fill after you download and install the latest OTA-upgrade.

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Any device running a Windows operating system regularly creates log files with reports on the operation, diagnostics and other system information. During normal operation, the files should be compressed and removed automatically after a certain time, but in this process, ZenFone 2 no longer occurs.

The owners of the ZenFone 2 with just a few days after the update has already accumulated several gigabytes of log files that can not be removed, and eventually their volume only grows. The only effective way to solve the problem – to get superuser (root) and delete them manually. But in this case, it lost the official guarantee.

ASUS has not yet give any official explanation.

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