Qualcomm Plans For 5G Network

The exhibition MWC 2016 was extremely successful for Qualcomm: the flagship Snapdragon processor and equipped with 820 LG G5, and a version of the Galaxy S7. Today, the company expressed its interest in a speedy exit 5G technology to the masses, noting that for her fifth-generation mobile network – is not just a new level in data transfer speed.

 At the moment, the manufacturer is considering the introduction of 5G technologies and next-generation Snapdragon processors. In spite of the popular opinion that the smartphone market is over-saturated, CEO of Qualcomm’s Steve Mollenkopf believes that growth prospects in 5G are huge and they have a positive impact on the mobile segment.

We consider 5G not only as an evolution of the existing standard, but as an opportunity interpenetration of industries and a plurality of mobile networks. Access to the existing LTE standard have only 15% of the population. This leaves a huge space for the transition of many new users to mobile Internet. The case remains for small: the development of new, more affordable technologies and production of smartphones for the mass consumer.

Without a doubt, the future of smart phones will use the 5G technology, however, provided a new standard allows data transfer rates of thinking is much broader. 5G will offer powerful new possibilities in the field of the Internet of Things, unmanned vehicles, and a number of other sectors gaining momentum.

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Qualcomm has already started preliminary work on the next generation of processors. As for the fifth-generation mobile networks, before their official debut it is at least several years. Full-scale testing 5G will be held not earlier than in 2018 ( preliminary tests will spend a little earlier), and the first services should not wait until 2020. 

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