Google Creates the Intelligent Mirror on Android

Over the past few years smart devices have continued to pop out from different tech giants ranging from smart watch, smart TV and much more and now the big movie mirror tech just appeared from Google.

The big mirror tech usually seen in spy and science fiction movies is here with us although not as super as presented in most movies but within a few more years, movies will not be too different from reality and this is all thanks to Google Engineers who came up with “intelligent” mirror, which runs on Android.

The Unusual intelligent mirror as it’s called from Google allows you to display the time, weather, news digests and more. This was made possible thanks to the fact that the developer has posted a two-way mirror for a 15-inch LED-Monitor. Powered smart mirror-based Amazon Fire TV with a modified user interface.

It is worth noting that in near future the amount of information displayed on the glass will increase just as seen in tech movies. In particular, the developer plans to add reminders and for traffic data.

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