Update: Sony X periaC4 Gets Android 5.1 Rather than Marshmallow

In October last year, Sony announced the list of smartphones that will be upgraded to the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Among them was Sony Xperia C4. However, recently the there have been contrary information according to which the Japanese manufacturer has started distributing Xperia C4 upgrade to Android 5.1 Lollipop rather than 6.0 Marshmallow. This is reported by many Xperia C4 smartphone owners.

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The one model not receiving the update at the moment is E5343. Meanwhile, the other five versions are getting Lollipop including the Xperia C4 (software build 27.2.A.0.155) and Xperia C4 Dual (27.2.B.0.155).

Unfortunately, the current update isn’t bringing Android 6.0 to the Xperia C4 as Sony originally said it would. The current upgrade to Android 5.1 includes changes to Quick Settings making it easier to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Minor changes to Screen Pinning allows users to see exactly how to leave the mode. Your contacts will no longer show Google+ photos of those on your list.  New animations are now included for the four icons on top of the clock app (alarm, world time, timer and stopwatch) and the Auto-rotate setting in Quick Settings is also animated.

Apparently, the output of the upgrade to Android 6.0 for the Xperia C4 a little bit delayed, but it will take. Owners of smartphones can only have patience and wait for official news.

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