Top 5 Useful Links That will Improve your Productivity in 2016

This post is meant for different categories of people therefore if you do not find any link here useful enough to you, do check the next one because you never can tell when you will need the services provided by the link.

Let’s get started;

1. – With buzzfeed you don’t have to wait till you hear the news from a friend because you can never miss any Internet meme or viral video infarct you get to see it first before every other person does.

2. – If you would love to create and share a simple map with a friend then you sure need the service of scribblemaps to create custom Google Maps easily without stress.

3. – Skip the excuses and be reminded of that friend’s wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Meetings etc with just a simple click you can quickly setup email reminders for important events and forget about the use of the phrase “sorry I forgot”.

4. – Want to run a secure search and don’t want anybody looking into your search queries? then this link will give you the peace you need to carry out a secure google search with one peace and prevent your ISP and boss from reading your search queries. Goodbye to spy boss.

5. – If you want to send a voice message to a friend from your pc but don’t have any app to help you achieve your desired result, then vocaroo is your permanent solution; with no software installed on your system, vocaroo records your voice with a click.

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