The Smart Device Smoking-Stopper Will Help You Quite Smoking

The next time a friend tells you he can’t stop smoking, you should recommend “Smoking stopper “.

During the Consumer Electronics Show, 2016 RegulSmoke unveiled a new smart device called

Smoking-Stopper. This is a connected device and mobile app that tracks smoking behavior and controls consumption in real-time, helping the user to ultimately stop this unhealthy habit.
The device and app offer  medical solutions for those who are serious about quitting the habit smoking.

RegulSmoke says that Smoking-Stopper increases the likelihood of a smoker’s chances of completely kicking out the habit by focusing on their smoking behavior. The connected device and companion app is designed by enigneers and tobacco treatment specialists, helping users manage nicotine addiction based on their physical, behavioral, psychological and emotional distinctiveness.

How it works

Users place a standard size pack of cigarettes in the connected case which then synchronizes with the mobile app, the app creates a customized program for each user to help them reach their daily goals. Once the process has started the connected device will only open and closed based on the user’s profile and goals.

The app identifies 62 different smoking profiles to better get an idea of the user and set goals accordingly to reduce daily consumption aside from offering advice based on four key factors, physical, emotional, behavioral and psychological. Users can also speak with tobacco specialists over the phone through the app to discuss their progress and their goals.

Smoke-stopper has just been unveiled but the price and when it will be on sale is unknown.

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